I was born in 1981 and raised in Romania where I also received my bachelor in Fine Arts. In 2007 I moved to Unites States along with my beautiful wife and  have been leaving the American dream ever since. I have gathered extensive experience as an artist over the years and have received numerous awards and recognitions. My art was exhibited and awarded internationally and represents a big part of my artistic interests.

Over the years my curiosity and love for art drove me to different mediums outside glass work. I have been highly engaged in digital art, illustration, 3d animation and lately user experience design. I finished my MFA in 3D Character Animation at the Academy of Art University and currently work as Principal UX Designer for the biggest BI company in USA.


  • Embassy of Romania, Washington DC, 2012
  • Embassy of Romania, Washington DC, 2010˜
  • Hermitage Gallery of Art, McClain, VA 2009
  • East Hamptons Art Festival, East Hamptons, NY 2008
  • Embassy of Romania, Washington DC, 2008
  • General Consulate of Romania, Chicago, 2007
  • St. Nicholas Church, Detroit, MI, 2007
  • St. Constantine & Helen Church, Washington DC, 2007
  • Embassy of Romania, Washington DC, 2007
  • Parliament Palace Art Association, Bucharest, Romania 1999
  • Museum of Romanian Folk Art, Bucharest, Romania 1996
  • National Romanian Art Society, Bucharest, Romania 1993 – 1994- 1995
  • The Art and History Museum, Bucharest, Romania 1993
  • Numerous World Embassies and private collections.

Why I love what I do

As you can probably tell from my portfolio I am a person that likes to wear many hats. I like exploring multiple aspects of art from traditional to digital, all the way to 3d animation and video editing.

The satisfaction I get when I see people admiring my work makes it all worth it. I consider myself a lucky person because I get to do something I love every day. My job gives me the possibility of constantly improving my work and myself as a professional artist.

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